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Product Code : 09
Product Description

Considered as the energy diet, our effective collection of Soy DOC is provided by us. The entire range is precisely made by using fine minerals and protein contents. Used to feed varied species of fishes, these feeds are known for their proper digestion and nutrition attributes. The range we provide is extensively used across fish feed sectors. Moreover, our clients can avail from us the range of Soy DOC in customized packaging options.  



  • Enriched with high protein contents
  • Provide great energy
  • Fine packaging techniques

Advantages Of IB- Soya Doc

Technical Aspects

  • Protein Solubility: 78-82 %.
  • Sand and Silica  Max: 0.75%
  • Urease activity Max: 0.25
  • Reduction in total fibre by 30 percent (From 3.44% to 2.40%), directly decreases the feed viscosity in gastrointestinal tract (GIT) thereby it helps in proper digestion and utilization of all nutrients, ultimately improve the performance of broilers and litter quality.
  • Metabolizable energy is increased by 200 Kcal (9.4%) per/kg in IB -Soya DOC than normal soybean meal3
  • Oil inclusion level may be reduced by approximately 62%, 45% and 38% in prestarter, starter and finisher ration respectively by using IB-Soya DOC
  • Reduction in oil by 62% in prestarter ration helps in proper digestion and utilization of nutrients because initially up to 10 days of age birds enzymatic system is in developing stage and chicks cannot secrete sufficient amount of lipase enzyme and bile juices for utilization of oils and tallow.
  • Higher protein and digestible amino acids IB Soya DOC help to reduce the amount of soybean meal required in the diet. "The free space in the diet" is available for other ingredients such as grain and in turn helps to produce a higher energy diet.
  • High density feed can easily be obtained by using IB Soya DOC, which is necessary for better performance in any breed.

Broiler Performance

  • Heavier carcass weight  (40 to 60g)
  • Improvement in FCR by 0.08 point
  • Improvement in Average Day Gain (g/day/birds) 3.50
  • Body weight increment by 113g. 
  • Feed Cost per kg carcass weight has significant (P<0.05) benefits from the use of hypro Soya diet as compared to normal soybean meal.  (Ref: - ASA Technical bulletin4)
  • By lifting the broilers two days earlier, we will be able to save 10 days extra in a year and over a period of four year we can comfortably take one extra batch of broilers by utilizing the same space, this will increase extra profit.

Economic Aspects

The IB Soya DOC is very economical. The normal belief that the 50% protein soybean meal is expensive is myth. Infect, when compared to the normal soybean meal available in the market, the purity is guarantee, the performance is guaranteed and the results are only one "THE PROFITS"

  • Saving of approximately Rs.3.08per bird (by low feed cost i.e., Rs. 1.25 and secondly by less feed consumption upto 160 g).
  • In diet formulation 90kg IB Soya DOC is equivalent to 100 kg Soya DOC.. This reduction in 10Kg can be filled by other suitable ingredients and this will also save 10% fright charges

Layer Breeder Performance

  • Extra egg production 1.49%
  • Extra hatching eggs minimum 2.55%.
  • Less feed consumption minimum 1.76g/h/day
  • FCR improvement 0.14 (P<0.05)
  • Less percentage of cracks minimum 0.03percent. (Ref. - ASA Technical bulletin5)


  • The amino acis composition of feedstuffs Degussa 6/95
  • IB-Soya DOC amino acid profile calculated on the basis of multiplication of 46% CP Soya DOC.
  • NRC (1994) and ASA Technical bulletin MITA (P) no. 271/10/2000 P0 44-2001)
  • Metabolizable energy data.
  • ASA Technical bulletin MITA (P) no. 271/10/2000 P0 44-2001) table no.07, Broiler Research data.
  • ASA Technical bulletin MITA (P) no. 271/10/2000 P0 44-2001) table no.03, Layer Breeder Research data.

Nutrient Composition of IB-Soya DOC (50% CP)



ME (K cal)


Crude Protein (%) Min


Crude Fibre (%) Max.


Crude Fat % Max.


Total Lysine %
Dig. Lysine %
Total Methionine %
Dig. Methionine %
Total Cystine %
Dig. Cystine %
Total Threonine %
Dig. Threonine %